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Forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of metal using localized compressive forces. The blows are delivered with a hammer (often a power hammer) or a die. Forging is often classified according to the temperature at which it is performed: cold forging (a type of cold working), warm forging, or hot forging (a type of hot working). For the latter two, the metal is heated, usually in a forge. Forged parts can range in weight from less than a kilogram to hundreds of metric tons.

We will provide one-stop metal forging services to meet the requirements of the parts while maintaining better Low factory price.

We will provide one-stop metal forging services to meet the requirements of the parts while maintaining better Low factory price.

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Forging Part

Machined Forging Part

Steel Forging Part

KindlePlate Advantage

1. Change the grain structure to better improve product strength and mechanical strength.
2. Less waste of materials and low labor costs.
3. Eliminate the voids and internal looseness of the material itself.
4. Increase the ductility of the material.
5. More efficient manufacturing of blank materials.
6. Controllable in a very small tolerance range.

KinldePlate-37 Year Experience Manufacturing

Our products include electrical cabinet, toolbox, equipment enclosure,fireplace, display shelf,etc.Quality and credibility have always been the objective we pursue.

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Custom Machining Services Tolerance Standards

Tolerance Range: ±0.008mm~0.010mm
Cylindrical Circumference 0.01mm/100mm
End Face Flatness 0.02mm/200mm
Thread Pitch Accuracy 0.06mm/300mm
Roughness: Ra0.8
International Tolerance Level: IT6-IT8
Outer Circle Accuracy 0.005-0.01mm
Surface Finish After Grinding Machine Can Reach Ra0.4

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KinldePlate has always been a professional team of quality engineers to carry out strict inspections on our products.
Our product qualification rate is above 95%. You do not need to worry about receiving bad products because quality is the life of KinldePlate.

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Strong internal manufacturing capacity, can control all cost consumption, from raw materials to transportation,
all steps are under our control, years of manufacturing network construction can get a real quotation from the factory, no middleman profit space.

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Kinldeplate is a very professional cnc machining company, we knows how to compress time,
formulate a complete production process mechanism, effectively and efficiently work, and maximize its manufacturing capabilities according to the production cycle provided by customers.