Using the latest Laser cutting technology, we offer significant advantages in sheet metal fabrication with precision, part quality, material utilization, and flexibility. With our laser systems, we cut almost every contour CNC-controlled into different sheet thicknesses and types.

Backed with ultramodern laser cutting machinery, our firm is offering Sheet Metal Laser Cutting services for domestic and international clients at Bengaluru, India. Our professionals have the ability to evolve the finest design out of sheet metal, irrespective of the thicknesses or sizes of the material.

Laser cutting offers an array of benefits like:

  • Visually aesthetic finish – High speed cutting with Nitrogen/fiber produces clean edges, no oxidising and discolouration.
  • Accuracy – a guaranteed positioning of 0.1mm
  • Adaptable to latest new generation software for automatic nesting of different part profiles from different jobs on the same sheet to maximise sheet utilisation and reduce material wastage.
  • Versatility – The laser beam is effectively a multifunctional tool which can cut through a wide variety of materials and sheet thickness.
  • Consistency and repeatability.
  • Exceptional detailing.
  • Ability to cut complex shapes with incredible accuracy.
  • Superior edge finish.
  • Fast and efficient, extremely cost-effective.
  • In addition, laser technology is ideally suited for cutting high carbon or abrasion resistant steel. In fact, where shearing or machining hard metals can present challenges, laser cutting can
  • often produce clean finishes such that secondary machining operations aren’t required.

Since no tool changes are necessary, whether a prototype or a series of umpteen parts, the laser is always cheap and qualitatively superior, and the “tool” laser never wears out.